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This was another "hosted" panel, with Frank Totaro, but this time the audience were able to ask questions after he had finished getting her started.
(I was a couple minutes late, and this was the only panel this weekend that started on time... hmmm, that's happened before with me at BotCon)

This would seem like a redundant panel on the schedule because she had already done one on Friday, but there was a time when guests would do 2 or 3 panels throughout the weekend... and this allowed the walk-ins a chance to see her as well.

As noted yesterday, Venus is at her third BotCon (previously at 1997 & 2000), and she almost looks the same as she did in photos of her first one 19 years ago... unlike most of us fans. :(

Venus wanted to be an actor when she was young, against her father's wishes, who wanted her to work in the family restaurant and start a family.
(she doesn't have a family, just a dog)

Some of her early live work was because she looked ethnic, and in Canada that was a rarity in the film industry back then.  There was not much competition in the industry when she first started as there weren't too many female voice actors... nor were there many primary characters who were girls in "boys" shows.
Now there are a lot more roles, but a lot more female voice actors... and a lot less voicing work in Canada.

Venus loves to see powerful female characters in cartoons that are either equal or dominant, as it has been such a male-dominated environment for so long.

The Beast Wars cartoon, like the original series (Gen1) cartoon, was not considered by the Voice Actors to ever be much when they first started it, but have since seen how it has lasted some 20 years now, and has opened up a lot of doors (work) for her and the others.

She loved playing the scenes with Silverbolt, and has 3 Blackarachnia toys (with at least one given to her at previous BotCons).

They recorded two episodes of Beast Wars per day. They would all be in the one room (whoever was in the scene), in a horse-shoe shape around microphones, in front of the glass window of the control booth.

She has never seen the Animated cartoon to see how the other version of Blackarachnia was done.

Loves working with Susan Blu (as a Voice Director) for helping get the best performance out of her.  Also loved playing the character Ranma (female half)... as well as the New Adventures of He-Man, because she had 3 character roles.
Also played Jean Grey in one of the animated Xmen cartoons.

Recently, she has done 3 episodes on Arrow, another episode on Supernatural, and a Hallmark channel movie. (she does a lot of live roles as well as voice roles - with a face like hers, who wouldn't?)
She has also recently worked on the TV show Psych with Cary Elwes from the movie The Princess Bride.

She did some lines as Blackarachnia at the request of some fans, which she still does perfectly.

She ended the panel, telling us how much fun she has at BotCon, including this year already with a great day & night yesterday with the fans.
(I actually saw her hanging out with some fans at about 11pm last night, and she would have been at the Golden Ticket dinner as well, so she definitely had a big day with the fans... and loves it - one of the many reasons I have encouraged people to come to BotCon, because where else are you going to get that sort of opportunity without paying a lot of money for a premium convention package?)

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